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Flexible Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

Smart district heating and cooling networks

The ultimate solution for heating and cooling water networks

Ecoflex pipe system offers professional solutions for a large number of possible uses with just a few components. The Ecoflex system provides a wide range of innovative and energy efficient pre-insulated pipes, fittings and accessories that can be used in a variety of building types and applications.

Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipes can easily and economically transport water for heating-, cooling-, and water distribution. The network installation can be handled quickly and efficiently, even in the most difficult conditions on site. 

Overview on district heating and cooling networks

Pre-insulated pipes for district heating and cooling

uponor ecoflex pre insulated pipes
The smart system design of product lines provides seamless integration:
  • Ecoflex Thermo for pipe network and house connections for easy handling and flexibility.
  • Ecoflex Quattro for all-in-one heating and domestic hot water connections.
  • Uponor at your service: design and site support, fast deliveries, cut-to-measure.
  • Quick and Easy and Wipex jointing technologies for fast installation.

Pre-insulated pipes for district heating networks

Pre-insulated pipes for cooling distribution networks

District heating and cooling network fittings

Services for district heating and cooling distribution networks

Ecoflex service pre cut pipe lengths 24 to 96 h delivery service to the site depending on location

Ecoflex delivery service Pre-cut pipe lengths to the site as needed

Ecoflex support Support from engineers for planning and layout
Ecoflex product training Product training and site support

Ecoflex sales and distribution network Extensive sales and distribution network

Ecoflex quality management Quality management system acc. to ISO 9001 and 14001
Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

Technical information

Uponor Ecoflex Decoiler

Uponor Ecoflex Decoiler

Operational manual

Uponor Ecoflex pre insulated pipes

Uponor Ecoflex pre insulated pipes


Uponor Ecoflex Supra

Uponor Ecoflex Supra

Technical information

Build on Uponor with Quick & Easy

Build on Uponor with Quick & Easy

Information on innovative jointing technology for preinsulated Ecoflex pipes


Flexible Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe systems

Uponor offers pre-insulated pipe systems for every need, the most important products at a glance.

Warm tap water

  • Reliable transportation of warm tap water of more than 30 years of experience
  • Environmentally friendly solution due to the secure transfer of heat without getting lost in the ground

Cold water supply

  • Frost-proof underground transport of cold tap water to single buildings
  • Highest protection against freeze risk

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