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Uponor extends its product portfolio

For modern bathroom designs

Uponor Aqua Ambient linear shower inlets and Uponor Point drain inlets

Level showers are enormously comfortable. They allow threshold-free entry into the shower cabin and offer a higher level of movement than conventional showers. The Uponor Aqua Ambient inlets drain the water via elegant stainless-steel profiles. Whether in spas, homes, or sports facilities, Uponor Aqua Ambient ensures a smooth, tripping-free floor.
Uponor Point drain inlets provide the classic compact form for ground-level showers or bathroom drainage. This minimalist variant of the water drain is popular at home in swimming pools or spa areas.
The inlets are available in several variants.
Aqua ambient and point drain inlets and grates
Hypair admittance valves
The new generation of air admittance valves for the highest flexibility

Uponor HypAir admittance valves

Uponor offers an ideal sewage ventilation solution that allows greater freedom in planning plumbing architecture and maximum flexibility. The valves enable planners and designers to combine construction demands with quality and cost efficiency easily. HypAir admittance valves are installed without tools and require low maintenance.
The perfect protection for domestic water installation

Uponor Fluvia Safety Sets

Uponor Fluvia Safety sets provide an all-in-one solution for the protection of heating or domestic water installation against damage due to overpressure caused by thermal water expansion. Uponor Fluvia Safety Sets offer a high level of reliability and protection.
Fluvia safety sets
Manifolds for high performance

The brass manifolds Uponor Vario B and stainless-steel manifolds Uponor Vario C

Uponor Vario B, Uponor Vario C and the accessories are perfectly designed for use in radiant heating and cooling systems and ensure energy-efficient and comfortable operations. The automatic activation of the heating/cooling circuits enables individual room temperature control and a physiologically balanced indoor climate.
Uponor Vario on-wall cabinet
The Uponor Vario on-wall cabinet provides the perfect storage solution to keep everything safe. It integrates manifolds, surrounds components, controls units, and connects sets.  The Uponor Vario on-wall cabinets are available in different designs and dimensions.