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Best prospects

Sustainable concept for heating and drinking water installation

Living with a vision – this is how the property development company is marketing the properties in a new development area in Gevelsberg. The planners also showed foresight when it came to the technology for the heating and the drinking water installation: It is designed for sustainability in every respect.

Gevelsberg, Germany
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58285 Gevelsberg, Dornerbusch
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Best prospects

In Gevelsberg it can be endured: The city in the southern Ruhr area offers numerous advantages that families in particular appreciate. These include a good infrastructure and an excellent range of childcare options. An attractive city needs attractive living space – like the one that has now emerged in the Dörnerbusch residential area: With ten detached houses, 30 semi-detached houses and eleven multi-family houses.

The project was realized by two companies from the same house: The property development company Frey-Bau and the architects Frey & Frey from Ennepetal. For the heating and drinking water installation, the planners put their trust in the specialist contractors Hans Eisermann and Schönebeck & Sohn.

Concept designed for sustainability

As a system supplier, Uponor supplied all components for the surface heating planned in all houses and for the drinking water installation from a single source. For the heating system, the architect responsible, Janet Kaya from Frey & Frey, envisaged a concept that is sustainable in several respects: The choice fell on underfloor heating in combination with air-to-water or brine-to-water heat pumps as heat generators. The Uponor surface heating distributes the heat evenly and can be operated with low flow temperatures. The advantage: The ancillary heating costs remain permanently low and therefore calculable. Residents also have the option of using the underfloor heating for cooling in summer.

For the 20,000 square meter area, the executing companies installed a total of 140.000 meters of PE-Xa -Comfort Pipe. The pipes ofTacker the wet installationon system and all other components are coordinated with each other, so that the system can be laid very quickly and easily. The distributorsComfort Port Uponor delivered completely pre-assembled and wired to the construction site - this saved around 2.5 hours per distributor in assembly and set-up time on site. Installation is carried out by means of tool-free alignment using a built-in spirit level, adjustable pipe guide bends and height-adjustable feet.

Safe and hygienic drinking water installation

The drinking water installation shows that sustainability also means long-term safety and hygiene: Here the companies Eisermann and Schönebeck & Sohn installed a total of 6,000 meters of the multi-layer composite pipe Uni Pipe PLUS by Uponor. It convinces with high performance, functionality and dimensional stability. Compared to conventional multi-layer composite pipes, the bending radii of the Uni Pipe PLUS are up to 40 percent narrower. In combination with the fittings Uponor S-Press PLUS permanently sealed and safe pipe connections were created.

The dream of owning your own home comes true

Many of the new buildings at Dörnerbusch in Gevelsberg have already been occupied. The residents enjoy the wonderful view over Gevelsberg - and can always rely on a reliable, sustainable heating system and a hygienic drinking water supply.  

Baugebiet Dörnerbusch, Gevelsberg


Daudzslāņu cauruļu sistēma

Daudzslāņu kompozītu cauruļu sistēma Uni Pipe PLUS.

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