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De Vries van Heijst public garden student housing complex,

De Vries van Heijst public garden student housing complex

“At the end of April 2011, the starting signal was given for the construction of 295 student residences on Mijnbouwstraat in the Dutch city of Delft. It’s a unique project combining new developments and renovation in a unique way.”

Delft, Netherlands
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“The project has been developed around the attractive historic van Heijst villa. This property, which forms the core of the new construction project, formerly housed the chemistry faculty of Delft University of Technology, followed by a group of squatters, who were enjoying magnificent lodgings until the renovation work got underway. Despite these uninvited guests, many authentic elements of the striking building dating from 1868 have been preserved.

After renovation, the villa has been converted into 20 student residential units. By building the new balcony-access flats, of which the majority of the project consists, in a U-shape around the villa and the historic staircase, which acts as a link between the renovated and the newly built part of the project, the old and the new will blend seamlessly into one other. The brickwork used and various brickwork bonds in the façade give the building a special, contemporary feel. This project is a real sight for sore eyes.

As well as the elegant appearance of the property, the complex is also characterised by a pleasant living environment. This is because the complex is fitted with Uponor underfloor heating. This ensures both a pleasant, even temperature and a sleek, uncluttered space. The days of radiators are gone.”

De Vries van Heijst public garden student housing complex

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