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Underfloor heating and cooling

Tignum dry installation

Uponor Tignum for dry-build underfloor heating and cooling installations with low construction height

A low profile underfloor heating system incorporating chipboard panels with grooves, which is suitable for thin aluminium heat emission plates and PEX pipes. The system comprises of only 2 panels, straight and turning, for a minimal number of installation components.

The system can be used for renovation even room-by-room in occupancy. The installation has no impact on the floor construction and home interior and is immediately ready for final flooring.

“With Uponor Tignum you can carry out the fastest dry-build installation for an underfloor heating system.”

Application areas:

  • Radiant underfloor heating and cooling
  • For dry-build installations
  • Ideal for renovation and new-build in residential homes with wooden or metal joist structures
  • Fits for solid floor constructions (floating floor)
  • For various floor finishes such as tiles, laminate, wood, carpet or vinyl
  • Low floor construction height and low static weight
  • Fits to heat pump use and saves energy compared to dry solutions embedded in lower construction layers
  • Raises coefficient of heat pumps (COP)
  • Very common solution for room after room renovation


  • Panel dimensions fit to standard joist structure distances of 600 mm
  • Uponor Tignum 17, turning panel with 1220x595x22 mm
  • Uponor Tignum 17, straight panel with 1800x600x22 mm
  • Uponor multi heat emission plate excl. bulgs 17 mm, 1152x185x0.45 mm
  • For use with Uponor Comfort pipe PLUS 17 mm

Benefits of the Tignum underfloor heating system

  • Fast and easy one man installation
  • Flexible: Matching components for customized solutions for all floor types and room geometries
  • Final flooring can be directly done after installation of Uponor Tignum

Installation types with Uponor Tignum underfloor heating system

Full product portfolio for Tignum 17 mm dry-build underfloor heating

Wide selection of different panels, pump groups, compression fittings and accessories, whatever is needed for your project.

Uponor Tignum 17 mm straight panel

Uponor Tignum 17 turning panel

Uponor Multi heat emission plate

Uponor Comfort pipe

Uponor multi bend support galvanized steel

Uponor Vario compression adapter PEX


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Uponor Tignum

Uponor Tignum


Uponor Tignum 17 dry underfloor heating system

Uponor Tignum 17 dry underfloor heating system

Installation manual

Uponor PE-Xa pipes and fittings

Uponor PE-Xa pipes and fittings

Installation manual


Select other Uponor underfloor heating and cooling dry-build installation system to suit your individual requirements

Underfloor heating systems in residential and commercial buildings which mainly require heating are often the first choice. And since the requirements for the design and function of an underfloor heating can differ very much, Uponor offers tailor-made solutions not only for new buildings, but also for renovation. To increase comfort, these systems can also be used to cool rooms.

Siccus dry installation

  • Light and easy-to-work dry construction for floor and wall installation
  • No additional moisture permeation into the building through dry construction


  • Sound reduction included
  • Suitable for both wooden and concrete floors


  • No disturbing or even dangerous system components in the way of the occupants
  • Hygienic and easy-to-clean sports floor surface

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