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Multi family homes

Omniturm Frankfurt

Premium technology for premium apartments with nearly 150 heat interface units for an individual room climate.
Multi family homes

Grand Tower

More than 400 heat interface units and over 300 km of underfloor heating and cooling pipes for Germany’s highest residential complex.

Multi family homes

First high-rise residential building in Spain with Leed Gold certification

The new Delfín Tower has become a new landmark for the skyline of Benidorm which is located at the Costa Blanca in Spain. It represents a transformation of the city's building sector and represents new sustainable high rise buildings. 

Office building

Austro Tower

Sustainable heating and cooling with Uponor TABS
Multi family homes

Can Domenge

Can Domenge Residential Complex (Mallorca)


Vacation station

In the new design hotel in Dahn-Reichenbach, railroad fans get their money's worth. The comfort is also impressive: Uponor Klett underfloor heating and Uponor Unipipe PLUS multilayer composite pipes ensure a good indoor climate and clean drinking water.

Single family home

Dervus Modular Volumetric Systems

Construction of residential buildings has become much easier than you have imagined before thanks to Modular Volumetric Systems technology provided by company DERVUS Design.

Uponor Reference magazine

Uponor Reference magazine

European innovative references with built-in Uponor solutions