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Weholite pipes

Weholite* - a modern system designed for the construction of external sewage systems

Weholite is a modern system of large-diameter, structural polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings, designed for the construction of complete external sewer pipelines. The system is a result of the long-lasting research and development works carried out by our corporation. The combination of an appropriate raw material and an advanced technology enabled us to create a product of a high load resistance.

Weholite pipes are available in a broad range of diameters, from 300 to 3000 mm, ensuring good adaptability for various projects. The standard pipe length is 12.5 m. Weholite pipes (socket or plain- ended) are manufactured with ring stiffness classes from SN2 to SN16 (kN/m2) for applications in various ground conditions. There is a possibility to order special, non-standard pipes of any length and ring stiffness.Our comprehensive offer comprises segmented bends of any angle, tees, reducers, connectors, and non-standard elements used for a particular project. The Weholite system also encompasses access chambers and manholes (with prefabricated bottom or eccentric) and tanks.

* DN 300÷900 - Weholite 
  DN 1000÷3000 - Weholite PLUS
Weholite pipes

Advantages of Weholite

  • Unique combination of durability and flexibility
  • Ultimate corrosion resistance and broad chemical resistance
  • Low weight (easy transport and unloading)
  • Suitability for overground systems/networks (resistance to UV)
  • Easy installation regardless of weather conditions (also in sub-zero temperatures)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Suitability for extrusion welding, which guarantees 100% leak tightness in a broad range of operating conditions
  • Complete protection against root penetration
  • Possibility to apply in mining damage areas (up to level 4).

Jointing methods

Uponor Weholite PLUS

Weholite PLUS

As a company that constantly develops and cares for the environment, we introduce a new generation of Weholite pipes under the name Weholite PLUS, which are adapted to the current EU directives related to the use of plastics in the circular economy. Thanks to the combination of a new type of PE raw material with advanced technology, we have obtained a product with very good mechanical and functional properties.

Weholite PLUS has already received all legally required approvals for use on the construction market. The first stage of system implementation covered diameters from 1000 to 3000 mm, the next stage covers the remaining diameter range.

Exceptional flexibility of Weholite

Flexibility is the distinctive feature of PE pipes among other conventional materials. Thanks to it, they perfectly cooperate with the ground, as if they were its natural element. Weholite pipe is flexible and does not crack under the influence of soil pressure, even with 30% deflection.

Automatic welding of Weholite pipes with the WLI-3000 machine

Automatic welding with the WLI-3000 machine is the latest technology of connecting Weholite large-diameter pipes from the inside. The joint obtained in this way is homogeneous in material, durable, and guarantees 100% tightness throughout the entire period of operation.

More information on Weholite

Product catalogue 2023

Product catalogue 2023

Product catalogue PL, ENG, RUS version


Support for customised solutions

Do you need a tailor made product, or a turnkey solutions on a global scale? We offer full support within: design & calculations, tailor made products, field services, technical support and project management.

Complementary elements

Storm water tanks

Tanks for the retention of excess storm water and meltwater.

Manholes and chambers

They complement the Weholite retention systems.

Retention canal

Possibility of efficient storage and disposal of storm water.

Pumping stations

Enclosures of pumping stations complete the system of sewage chambers and manholes.