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Sewage retention canal

Retention canal ensures effective storm water management

The efficient way to solve the hydraulic overload problem is an innovative retention sewage canal developed by the scientists of the Rzeszów University of Technology in cooperation with the engineers of Uponor Infra.Observations of storm water flow prove that even during extremely intense precipitation sewers are not entirely filled and there is a certain reserve of the hydraulic capacity. The solution uses this capacity to retain waste storm water. It is retained in sewage canals with adequately calculated and expanded inner cubic capacity provided for the periodical storage of the sewage.

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Advantages of retention canal

  • Use of free capacity of canals to store waste water
  • Reduction of retention facilities' construction costs
  • Maintenance-free and automatic operation
  • Use of available types of pipes as chambers of the retention sewage canal
  • Possibility to expand the system by additional elements under subsequent projects
  • PEHD technology makes it light (easy to install), durable, flexible, resistant to impacts, resistant to abrasion, corrosion and chemical agents
  • Sewage canal elements are connected by the extrusion welding method which ensures inseparability of joints and 100% leak tightness

Renovation canal - innovative solution

Retention sewage canal in TVP programm

TVP Rzeszów "Innowacyjne Podkarpackie" presents sewage retention canal made of Weholite pipes. The first implementation of this project took place at the turn of 2014 and 2015 in the "Krakowska Południe" residental estate in Rzeszów.

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Product catalogue 2023

Product catalogue 2023

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Complementary elements

Weholite pipes

The use of large-diameter pipes allows to increase temporary retention of storm water.

Storm water tanks

Tanks for the retention of excess storm water and meltwater.


Tanks with appropriate equipment can be used as separators.

Manholes and chambers

They complement the Weholite retention systems.