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Storm water tanks

Polyethylene tanks for storm water management

We cannot stop rain from falling, but it is possible to avoid floods caused by heavy rain. When storm water is stored and retained, water is fed into large tanks where it is gradually released by gravity or pumping into the sewer system or a discharge location. The volume of water remains under control, and floods are prevented.

Retention tanks are available in inner diameters ranging from 1000 to 3000mm and the ring stiffness ranging from SN2 to SN8 (PN-EN ISO 9969), which helps adjust the parameters of the tank construction to the specific water and soil conditions of a given project. Tanks can be installed both in dry ground or watered ground. Installation into the ground as well as on the surface is possible since the system is resistant to the UV radiation. Non-pressure retention tanks can be used as underground, overground or partly embedded tanks.

storm water tanks Uponor

Advantages of storm water tanks

  • Double walls and welded joints guarantee 100% leak-free operation and long-term durability
  • Non-toxic
  • Foundation in difficult soil and water conditions possible
  • Installation in roads and underneath car parks
  • Total resistance to corrosion and high resistance to chemicals
  • Long storage with no loss of parameters (UV resistant)
  • Low weight, quick and easy assembly (also in winter conditions)

Weholite storm water tanks prevent floods


During heavy rain, floods and overloaded pipelines can be avoided using Weholite retention tanks. See Uponor's solution for managing large amounts of storm water.

Weholite storm water tanks have been installed in Pruszcz Gdański

Battery installation of 14 DN3000 SN4 storm water tanks with lengths adapted to the existing area and a total capacity of 5257m3.

More information on storm water tanks

Product catalogue 2023

Product catalogue 2023

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Support for customised solutions

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Complementary elements

Weholite pipes

The use of large-diameter pipes allows to increase temporary retention of storm water.

Retention canal

Possibility of efficient storage and disposal of stormwater.


Tanks with appropriate equipment can be used as separators.

Manholes and chambers

They complement the Weholite retention systems.