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Uponor EcoMate for housing and construction companies

Heating energy accounts for a major share of energy use in Europe. The residential sector accounts for 27% of total energy consumption, 70% of which is used for space heating. But regardless of whether the heating is from gas or oil boilers, heat pumps or district heating, many of these systems don’t work efficiently due to their inherent design flaws or technical and control problems. This results in many cases in unnecessarily high energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
Uponor EcoMate offers a digital approach to saving energy, reducing energy expenditure and lowering CO2 emissions. Our smart energy efficiency service helps your central heating system to generate only the amount of energy needed without compromising your indoor climate comfort. Learn more about how you can improve the environmental performance of your existing buildings and strengthen your sustainability and Digitalization agenda with Uponor EaaS.

Saving energy without any risk

Autonomous and adaptive Hardware costs included

Pay for actual energy savings

Tracking of saving
Combining in-depth knowledge of heating applications with advanced IoT and AI technologies, Uponor EcoMate supports you with the monitoring and optimization of your buildings according to their unique environment, location, and use.   All hardware and connectivity components such as temperature, flow and energy sensors, gateways, and routers are included in the monthly fee.

Uponor EcoMate is available for a small monthly subscription fee that is refinanced through energy savings.

Important KPIs such as ROI, payback period and a real-time comparative analysis of the building's energy consumption are provided in detailed performance reports.

How it works

Saving energy with Uponor EcoMate

Set up
All hardware components are installed in the plant room on top of the existing heating and related piping infrastructure.
Name for sensor
The non-invasive sensor measures the supply and return temperature, the flow rate, and the energy values from outside the central heating pipe.
Name for box
The wireless control unit regulates the heat pump actuator.
Name for box 2
The wireless cloud box sends and receives data in an encrypted format to and from the Uponor cloud.
Name for dashboard
Data from the sensor, weather forecasts, utility prices, occupancy structure and other information is processed by AI, which automatically sends real-time commands to the building's central heating system to optimize energy consumption.
Clients are kept up to date in regular monthly reports on the energy savings achieved in their buildings, as well as other analyses of building performance and related KPIs.

Further benefits of Uponor EcoMate

No hygiene risks
The Sensors are non-invasive and requires minimal installation effort which does not challenge water safety.
No installation risks
Uponor EcoMate is compatible with most types of installation including Gas/Oil boilers, Heat pumps and District Heating without impacting machine warranty and authorization.
Additional services available
Uponor EcoMate customers also have the option to subscribe to supplementary services such as 24/7 heating system monitoring and round-the-clock service to detect water leaks and frozen pipes.

Possible saving effect on energy costs:


Total size of building in m²:


Total annual heating cost in £ (GBP):


Energy cost savings in £ (GBP)  per year:


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