EMT: Bus depot, Madrid,

EMT: Bus depot, Madrid

The Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, SA (EMT) installs Uponor´s Invisible Air- Conditioning system in the newly renovated bus parking facility.

Madrid, Spain
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Radiant Heating & Cooling, Local Heat Distribution
Calle de Cerro de la Plata nº 4
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The Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid, SA (EMT), the transport company of Madrid, Spain is responsible for the provision of public transport in Madrid´s various municipalities.

EMT is considered the largest urban transport company in Spain and one of the biggest in Europe.

EMT is making every effort to improve the quality of the service it provides through its network of bus routes. Its prime concern has been, and remains, to satisfy customers´ needs and shoulder its duty of proceeding with its activities while paying particular attention to all aspects of environmental protection and energy efficiency.

As a result of its strategic growth plans, the decision was taken to scale up its bus service by a further 10% to a total of 2.272 vehicles. Therefore ir became also necessary to build a new operational centre in Madrid, which is to include the refitting and construction of bus depot.

The hope was that with the renovation, the new building could rise to a new level with its energy efficiency, and increase comfort for the EMT employees in the process. Thus the project group quickly realised that to opt all this, they needed to incorporate more advanced solutions in the building in term of air-conditioning and energy, still making, sure that the technical and finalcial between the initial cost and functional performance in the next few years would be as good as possible. Having examined several air-conditioning systems, EMT´s consulting partner decided to install Uponor´s Invisible underfloor cooling and heating solution.

EMT: Bus depot, Madrid

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