European Hospital of Marseille,

European Hospital of Marseille

The European Hospital is structured around poles of excellence that already made the reputation of Ambroise Paré and Paul Paré Desbief institutions. His care offer is completed by a modern and comprehensive technical platform.

Marseille, France
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Product system
Multilayer Pipe Systems
6 rue Désirée Clary, 13003 Marseille
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New building

The European Hospital was born August 19, 2013 from the merger of hospitals Ambroise Paré (6th district of Marseille) and Paul Desbief (2nd district of Marseille), two health institutions known for the quality of care and human relations.

Founded respectively in 1846 and in 1914 these two structures, which shared the same values and whose skills were complementary, began a rapprochement in 2004.

The European Hospital is managed by the Fondation Hôpital Ambroise Paré - Protestant Infirmary Marseille. This is a private health institution nonprofit. The Foundation was recognized public utility 6 March 1875. It is therefore one of the oldest Marseille hospitals. Born of a private initiative in the poorest profile, it has since developed its action in medicine and surgery to become a medical referral facility.

Built on the initiative of the Foundation and the authorities, responding to a double mission: firstly reduce the imbalance in the supply of care in Marseille, on the other hand create a collective equipment of general interest at heart Euroméditerranée. The care offer of the European Hospital is completed by a modern and comprehensive technical platform.

Choose Uponor : the guarantee of a reliable and sustainable system

For the realization of its building, the European Hospital chose the quality and sustainability of Uponor products by installing Multilayer pipes (diameter 16-110 mm) and press fittings for its sanitary system and heating.

We also made our expertise with our PE-Xa pipe and collectors for heating our floor lobby.

The quality of our tubes is certified and guarantees a sanitary water system and innovative and reliable heating. We attach particular importance to the safety, reliability and ease of installation of our products.

European Hospital of Marseille

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