NK Zagreb's Training camp ZAGREBello,

NK Zagreb's Training camp ZAGREBello

NK Zagreb's Training camp ZAGREBello is the most up-to-date sports centre in Croatia.

Zagreb, Croatia
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System ogrzewania/chłodzenia płaszczyznowego Uponor, System Uponor PE-Xa, System kolektorów gruntowych Uponor Geo
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It is situated on the banks of the river Sava. Exterior: 4 football fields (2 natural grass, 2 artificial turf fields), training polygons, sitting places for about 1.000 spectators. Interior: multifunctional sport hall, fitness facility, sports ambulance, conference hall, coaches' offices, locker rooms.

The building is energy efficient with underfloor heating/cooling with boiler room and the Sport hall is acclimatized with climate chamber. All windows in the offices and public rooms are shaded by sliding aluminum blinds.

There is an open bar and club with the same name; ZAGREBello. This Club Café is a sort of time machine through all major generation in club history. Visitors coming here will have a chance to see 50 old photographs from the history of NK Zagreb from 1919 until the present time.

Café ZAGREBEllo will attract eyes of many football fans not only for it's interior design and spacious terrace, but the fact that it is a part of the sports complex ZAGREBello, the most modern sports camp in Croatia.

For heating is used under floor heating Uponor System Classic 17. Total area of ​​floor heating is 3.274m2 and delivered was 12.450m of pipe Uponor PE-Xa 17mm, and 14 manifolds.

NK Zagreb's Training camp ZAGREBello

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