Представництво Uponor в Україні
просп. Миру, б.15, оф.405
м. Київ, Україна
Досвід застосування

Edificio La Luz Residencial Toscana, Burgos, Spain

A new standard of comfort in Burgos

Residential complex built in a complete block consisting of 206 housing units with energy rating A, high quality finishes and installations, located in Burgos (Avenida Castilla y León on the corner of Avenida Casa la Vega). 

The project has been designed by José Manuel Méndez, architect and director of MBG Engineering and Architecture, with Residencial Toscana being responsible for the construction and development. As such, this development is different from the rest of the developments being built in the new surroundings of the Vena River in Burgos.

Коротко про проєкт

Burgos, Spain
Багатоповерхові будівлі
Загальна площа: 17,690.00 m2
Поверхневе опалення/охолодження, Системи автоматизації, Станції ГВП, Port
Рік завершення будівництва: 2021
Кількість поверхів: 17

Вклад Uponor

Uponor, through its engineering and installation company CIMESA, participates in the project with its solutions for drinking water distribution. Uponor Quick & Easy and Invisible Underfloor Heating with the Uponor Autofixing Klett System, Uponor Comfort Port industrialised solution, Regulation Uponor Smatrix Base, digital room thermostats and Uponor Combi Port 500 in each of the 206 housing units.

Invisible underfloor heating, Uponor Q&E, Uponor Combi Port

Comfort and energy efficiency go hand in hand

The choice of materials and installations were key to the project's A energy rating. "The passive measures applied, in terms of insulation and the quality of the carpentry, have been very important, which has made it possible to significantly reduce energy demand. Meanwhile, active measures have been chosen, using a mixed system of energy production with gas boilers and aerothermal energy. This has reduced emissions and fossil fuel consumption," explains José Manuel Méndez.

Eduardo Esteban Rodríguez, director of CIMESA, analyses the choice of Uponor's solutions. "The decision chosen for the development was included in the design of the project. The architectural study wanted to use efficient and innovative systems for all the installations in the development from the very beginning". 

José Manuel Méndez said "Uponor is a partner who guarantees the smooth running of the installation. The Combi Port 500 system has made it possible to reduce on-site work thanks to its prefabricated elements, while also reducing potential failures by significantly simplifying the installation. The number of linear metres of pipe to be installed is also reduced by almost half, thus saving on execution time". 

Eduardo Esteban comments that "for the implementation of the system in each home, we have developed an advice plan for homeowners. We show you how it works and how to get the most out of Uponor's Invisible Climate Control, for example, by recommending a constant temperature. This advice will be continued in the coming months through the after-sales service". 

A very demanding family audience

Due to the design of the development, where more than 55% of the homes have three to five bedrooms, and the complete proposal of communal areas, the buyer profile has been families with parents between 30 to 45 years old. For the marketing of the development, the fact that the housing units were equipped with modern installation systems played an important role. 

The director of the construction and development company, José Piedra Cabestrero comments that "Burgos is a very demanding place when it comes to energy issues, and the energy efficiency of the installations is highly valued by the owners. In 2016, we completed the first building with Uponor Invisible Underfloor Heating, together with CIMESA. Back then it was a challenge; now it is a standard”. 

Eduardo Esteban agreed: "Today in Burgos there are no developments that do not consider installing underfloor heating. This solution has become a standard in the city due to its comfort and lower energy consumption, with a direct positive impact on the building's energy rating." 

At Residencial Toscana, they say that they always strive for excellence, aiming to offer future owners the best possible in every way. "The challenge of each development is to give a new twist to our proposal. To build the best product, on the best site, at the best price and with the best service. To achieve this, we need to work with the best, and this development is a great example. Our relationship with the owners does not end when we hand the keys over, so it is important that the quality and installations are first class," concludes José Piedra. 

"This development stands out for the quality we have achieved, despite its enormous size: 29,000 m2 built in a private urbanisation of 6,000 m2. It is a U-shaped building with two towers of 14 and 17 storeys at either end. Numerous communal areas and 206 housing units with an energy rating of A", says José Manuel Méndez.
Edificio La Luz Residencial Toscana Burgos
Residencial Toscana Edificio La Luz 7

Інформація про проєкт

Інформація про проєкт

Camino Casa de La Vega/ Avda. Castilla y León, Edificio La Luz Residencial Toscana
Рік завершення будівництва
Тип проєкту
Референс об'єкти
Тип будівлі
Багатоповерхові будівлі
Продуктові лінійки
Q&E, Aqua Pipe, Klett, Base


Drafter and project manager: MGB Ingeniería y Arquitectura S.L.
Architect: Mr Jose Manuel Méndez Primo
Technical Director: José Piedra Cabestrero
Engineering: Ditelia Ingenieria
Installer: Castellana de Instalaciones Mecánicas S.L. (CIMESA)
Developer: Residencial Toscana
Builder: Residencial Toscana

Подібні проєкти

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Uponor products set the standard for off-site construction projects by providing a quick to install, cost-effective and high performance plumbing system for the safe delivery of domestic water services for the world’s tallest modular apartment building.


The Uponor project ’Sluseholmen’ has served as inspiration for developing a brand new and advantageous plumbing solution.
As a result, Uponor now offers a new, optimized and well structured, compact and easy to use prefab basic unit with flexible connectivity options for managing water and heating in varying types of housing.
From now on, Uponor provides the construction market with these prefab shaft units, primarily intended for modern floor building and terraced houses.
Brusaporto apartments

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Developed by Uponor, this new solution takes the guesswork and freelancing out of piping installations. Each kit, which includes all the needed ProPEX® fittings, adapters, valves, and rings, is delivered to the job site — one kit per room or apartment — along with a material list and an isometric layout for the installer to follow, helping to minimize mistakes and maximize efficiency.
Refurbishment of a prefabricated building

Refurbishment of a prefabricated building

During the renovation of a prefabricated building in Zwickau, Robinienweg, a low installation height stood in contrast to the desire for more energy efficiency and comfort through underfloor heating. The solution: a slimline combination of Minitec underfloor heating from Uponor and N 440 leveling screed from Knauf.
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