Uponor International Sales
Industriestrasse 56, 97437 Hassfurt, Germany

Capricorn and Uponor are becoming ONE Uponor Brand

We started our common journey with Poland-based Capricorn in Autumn of 2021 and now we are moving forward to one of the final steps in the integration process: Capricorn and Uponor are becoming one brand - Uponor as of February 2023.

  • Combined offering strengthens presence across the entire European market
  • Improved broadened product portfolio – Capricorn products integrated into the Uponor portfolio 2023
  • Operating under the common Uponor brand name

As a trustful and reliable partner, we are now providing access to a broader offering and new applications to our customers throughout Europe, covering all types of requirements, from components to integrated systems and solutions. The Uponor and Capricorn Sales teams in Poland have been merged with a clear focus to provide more value to our partners.

The manufacturing and logistics facilities in Świebodzice, Poland, have been fully integrated into Uponor’s network, becoming an excellence centre for selected heating and water system components.

Monitoring water quality. Is technology improving?

How to monitor water quality? In this interview we talked with Patryk Wójtowicz – Research Manager at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, and Water Network Modelling Expert in the field of environmental engineering. We talked about the organisations he’s involved in that could help bring technological innovation, and more accurate measuring and modelling, to the water utilities industry. 

INFRA STORIES 1. Save drinking water for an old shipyard in Finland

Safe drinking water for an old shipyard in Oulu. Uponor Barrier PLUS pipes – which are both durable and non-permeable – will ensure a safe supply of drinking water in this area.


Recycled materials - second class quality?

During this conversation with Franz Cuculiza, Business Director of Denmark’s first plastic recycling company we discussed recycling plastic materials and the circular economy. These topics are becoming more important by the day. That’s why it is crucial to think about waste management now and not leave problems to the next generations. 

Carbon footprint offsetting

Our conversation with Nicklas Kaskeala, Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer at Compensate starts by explaining carbon offsetting, how it works and how it is regulated. Then we look at some of the projects used, from reforestation to kelp and biochar; and finally, talk about who is using offsetting and who should be using it.  

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