Uponor International Sales
Industriestrasse 56, 97437 Hassfurt, Germany

Capricorn and Uponor are becoming ONE Uponor Brand

We started our common journey with Poland-based Capricorn in Autumn of 2021 and now we are moving forward to one of the final steps in the integration process: Capricorn and Uponor are becoming one brand - Uponor as of February 2023.

  • Combined offering strengthens presence across the entire European market
  • Improved broadened product portfolio – Capricorn products integrated into the Uponor portfolio 2023
  • Operating under the common Uponor brand name

As a trustful and reliable partner, we are now providing access to a broader offering and new applications to our customers throughout Europe, covering all types of requirements, from components to integrated systems and solutions. The Uponor and Capricorn Sales teams in Poland have been merged with a clear focus to provide more value to our partners.

The manufacturing and logistics facilities in Świebodzice, Poland, have been fully integrated into Uponor’s network, becoming an excellence centre for selected heating and water system components.

New EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

EU's new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive intends to add transparency and provide comparability between companies. In this podcast episode, we spoke to Ella Tanskanen, a Head of Sustainability Services at Greenstep who provides sustainability services and financial services in the Nordic countries. She is also an expert on the EU’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive matters.

Circular economy is NOT only waste management

The term Circular economy is both common and misused. It is a term that has become very popular in the last couple of years. At its core, it is all about resource efficiency. It can be complex, but for many, it means recycling and waste management. However, this only narrows it down to the end-of-life of a product or material but it’s much broader than that. Our guest, Michael Hanf – Lead, Sustainable Business at VTT and host of The Circular Coffee Break podcast opens up the whole meaning of Circular Economy. 

GWI NEWS 2. Sustainability mandatory reporting has financial impact

Welcome to GWI news, a collaboration from the Urbanista podcast and Global Water Intelligence UK. In this episode our hosts Delfin Vassalo and Tallulah Lutkin, Utility Performance Editor at GWI, take a look at some of the bigger recent stories from the world of the water industry. We discuss some conclusions from COP 28 in Dubai, developments in Direct Potable Reuse, the EU’s new corporate sustainability reporting directive, Germany’s sludge management and the Swedish case which asks, ‘who is responsible for PFAS?’

Urban utopia: The Ideal City doesn't exist

In this episode we talk with Mustafa Sherif - and Host of Urbanistica Podcast "Cities for people". During the episode we discussed several key topics regarding urban development and liveable cities:
- What does a liveable city mean in a Nordic context? 
- Key urban problems in the Nordics.
- Key insights from 400 episodes on the Urbanistica Podcast.
- Accessible cities and placemaking.
- 15 min cities – why are they so controversial now?
- Utopian cities will never exist.

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