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Uponor's brand-new technology for a wavelike log house,

Uponor's brand-new technology for a wavelike log house

The wavelike house presented at Mikkeli Housing Fair is an exclusive log house on the shores of Lake Saimaa designed by architect Seppo Mäntylä. The floor area of the laminated log house is 268.5 m2.
The ambitious and impressive house built by Honkatalot for the housing fair makes extensive use of Uponor's building services.  The house has state-of-the-art hydronic underfloor heating and cooling.  Uponor's new Smatrix Style thermostats were also selected for the site.

Mikkeli, Finland
Building Type
Single family home
Product system
Radiant Heating & Cooling, Flexible Pipe Systems, Ventilation
Project Type
New building

A challenging and fantastic site
The HVAC plans, installations and monitoring were realised by Insinööritoimisto HTTC Oy, a company based in Mikkeli. Managing Director Harri Kaipainen actively participated in the project from the start.
The schedule for the housing fair was tight, and good planning and cooperation were required from all parties. According to Kaipainen, a lot of things were reviewed with the contractor in order to adapt the building services to the demanding site in a natural way. The installation of a floor cooling system was suggested by the planner as the large surface area of the windows brings heat into the house on hot days. The decision was made to use the combined floor and ventilation cooling system because the contractor did not want any visible cooling equipment. With Uponor's insulated duct system, the ventilation cooling system can bind moisture. Regional Sales Manager Ari Sahanen from Uponor also participated in the project.

"Uponor offers clearly productised floor heating and cooling concepts that our customers are already requesting. The orders for the site were placed last autumn. However, thermostats were changed when the Smatrix Style thermostat became available on the market in the spring. The site is special. It is great to participate in this project," says Ari Sahanen from Uponor.  

Heating regulation in the house is also facilitated by the Smatrix app module, which allows the owner of the house to regulate the room temperatures to the desired values remotely with his smartphone.

Harri Kaipainen is grateful that the installation and commissioning of the Smatrix system went smoothly and that help was readily available when needed. Also the installation of the water supply system was completed without any problems as Insinööritoimisto HTTC Oy used Uponor's manifolds and hose fittings with Quick & Easy joints for the first time.

Smatrix Style fits well with the interior decoration
The elegant thermostat equipped with smart house technology is compatible with the Smatrix Wave PLUS room temperature control system. Smatrix's innovative autobalancing technology regulates the heating in each room without the need for manual balancing. Smatrix Style is designed to give an elegant final touch to the interior decoration and fits seamlessly in a modern home.

"During the commissioning inspection, also the HVAC inspector marvelled at the elegant look and functionality of the new Smatrix Style thermostats. The choice was perfect for the site and fits elegantly with the interior decoration. And, most importantly, the customer was satisfied," says Harri Kaipainen.

Uponor's brand-new technology for a wavelike log house

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