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Storm water

Flow regulators

Effective control of storm water flow

Sometimes the municipal network does not manage to accommodate large water flows. An alternative for slowing the flow of storm water is to install a flow control. With a flow regulator you can control the flow from 1 litre/second to 1000 litres/second.
The proposed flow regulators are used mainly in storm water and process sewage systems, where other devices can be exposed to temporary overload due to irregular nature of the rainfalls. The purpose of the flow regulators is to equalise the flow with the use of the retention capacity of Weholite pipes or tanks.
The flow regulator can be installed directly in the retention tanks or the manholes at the outlet from the tank.
Uponor Infra offers flow regulators in the nominal flow range 0,5 - 100 [l/s]. The regulators for bigger flows are available upon request according to the required specifications.
flow regulator Uponor Infra

Advantages of flow regulators

  • Ensure flow equalization
  • Have a positive effect on the operation of built-up cleaning devices
  • They are made of high-density polyethylene, thanks to the use of such material, they are resistant to aggressive environmental conditions
  • They do not corrode and do not require additional protective coatings or any maintenance

More information on flow regulators

Product catalogue 2023

Product catalogue 2023

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Complementary elements

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