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Smart tanks

Comprehensive solutions for stormwater management

Smart tanks are a comprehensive and compatible stormwater management system with monitoring and control functions. Their task is to pre-treat, retain and reuse stormwater. Depending on the equipment we use, stormwater will be managed in an appropriate way. They can be used for watering greenery, washing streets and squares, flushing toilets or infiltrating part of retained water into the ground. An additional function that can be equipped with the devices is constant monitoring and control of water in the tank along with information sent to the network manager. Each unit is selected to suit the individual needs related to the retention required and the potential to utilise the collected rainwater. The hydrogeological conditions and site accessibility are also taken into account. 

Advantages of smart tanks

  • flooding prevention
  • ecological measures - using stormwater or retaining it at the source
  • economic measures - reducing the costs of discharging water to the sewage system, reducing the costs of maintaining urban greenery, playing fields, roads, minimizing the consumption of potable water and minimizing the costs of stormwater charges
  • the possibility of using the area above the tank (installation in green area and loaded with wheel traffic)
  • selection and warranty of one manufacturer with the possibility of servicing built-in devices
  • rational impact on the amount of financing from the European Funds

Multifunctional system

Smart tanks are a multifunctional system of interconnected and compatible components.The solution comprises the pre-treatment system, PEHD storage tank and a full range of equipment: flow controllers, pumping systems, hydrophore units, bottom valves equipped with suction strainer, fittings, as well as monitoring and control equipment. 

More information on smart tanks

Uponor Infra Smart Tanks

Uponor Infra Smart Tanks

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Product catalogue 2023

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Support for customised solutions

Do you need a tailor made product, or a turnkey solutions on a global scale? We offer full support within: design & calculations, tailor made products, field services, technical support and project management.

Complementary elements

Weholite pipes

The use of large-diameter pipes allows to increase temporary retention of storm water.

Retention canal

Possibility of efficient storage and disposal of stormwater.


Tanks with appropriate equipment can be used as separators.

Manholes and chambers

They complement the Weholite retention systems.