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Uponor piping systems: The right solution for all types of ships

With over 50 years of experience in plastic pipes, Uponor’s innovative leak-proof plastic pipe systems cover a multitude of uses and requirements in the shipbuilding and offshore sector. From private yachts and passenger cruise ships to any other marine vessel and oil platforms, our clients rely on the benefits of our flexible and lightweight piping systems. Simple planning, quick and safe installations, unique space-saving connections and the long service life of our corrosion-free pipes and fittings - these are just some of the advantages.

From engine rooms, to HVAC and sanitary systems, our sales team always provides our customers with the most reliable and cost-effective solutions of highest quality, that will not only cut down on maintenance but also installation time and costs.
Comprehensive services including technical assistance and design support, on-site trainings, along with timely product deliveries across the world, complete the unparalledled customer experience we offer to our clients.

With all these benefits in mind, Uponor systems are the perfect choice for any marine new-build or refurbishment, as well as pre-fabricated solutions.

We look forward to welcome you aboard!

Benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive range of pipes, fittings & accessories
  • Systems for new build and renovation
  • Decreased pressure loss by up to 60%
  • Lightweight materials saving up to 50% weight
  • Flexible plastic pipes reducing number of connections
  • Modular fittings and space-saving connections
  • Quick and easy installation technologies reducing cost
  • Cold jointing eliminating fire hazards of installations with open flames
  • International approvals from shipping and military authorities
  • Extensive services from planning to installation
  • Certified installation partner with over 10 years of expertise with Uponor systems

The secret is in the material

Uponor Marine Pipe Systems withstand high temperatures, pressures and vibrations. The material is also low in weight and the corrosion-free system provides a safe installation. Combined with our specialists’ knowledge, experience and resources, the material can bring substantial savings in installation time and maintenance.

Less weight for more valuable load

Weighing only one fifth of comparable metal systems, our pipe system can save you several tons per ship allowing for more passenger or freight load to be carried.

Innovative jointing technology

Uponor's marine pipe systems save time and labor with fittings that reduce installation time up to 60%. Connections can be made wet or dry which is perfect for installation while in operation. And if you have dry-docks for repairs, you want the downtime to be minimal. With all these benefits in mind, Uponor systems are the perfect choice for any renovation, new-built or even pre-fabricated solutions.

Time is money

With only a few handy tools, our unique installation technologies drastically reduce the installation time on board. And the best part about it, anyone can do it! No special knowledge or skills required.

Corrosion-free piping systems equal cash

With the increased service life of our pipe systems, your drydock-time, service and maintenance needs will drastically reduce paying you higher profits.

Uponor hygiene logic

Our hygiene logic can help prevent legionella and ensure the health and well-being of your most valuable resources aboard – your passengers and crew.

Uponor Pipe Systems for Marine Applications

Download our Uponor Marine Product Catalogue to find more information on our products.

Uponor Product Catalogue for Marine Applications

Uponor Product Catalogue for Marine Applications

Uponor Marine Product Catalogue 2020


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