Stora Enso Nymölla mill biogas facility, Nymölla, Sweden

Uponor Infra Project Services is back at Stora Enso Nymölla Mill

Uponor Infra Project Services installed and replaced the existing outlet pipe in wood for plastic for Nymölla Mill in 2018 and that work involved partial drawings, stability, corrosion and hydraulic calculations, project management and job descriptions as well as field service including welding of pipes, profile filling, pumping and lowering monitoring. The choice was therefore natural to contact Uponor Infra Project Services again for the work of planning, dimensioning and installing the pipes for the biogas plant and for the replacement and renovation of the infrastructure in the area.

Project facts

Nymölla, Sweden
Sewer, Municipal
Completion: 2021

Uponor Involvement

5 km Weholite and pressure pipe systems

A sustainable and reliable solution

- The infrastructure project at Nymölla has been investigated for many years, but installing concrete was never relevant - plastic pipes were already planned. Plastic pipes are durable and have a lifespan of over 100 years, which are important parameters for Nymölla because they do not want to dig up or renovate pipes in the near future. Great focus is also placed on sustainable products or solutions within Stora Enso, where they work a lot with renewable raw materials and recycling, says Henric Höglind, head of Factory Development and project manager for new construction of biogas plant.
One of the major challenges for Stora Enso was the ground conditions in the industrial area and what kind of pipes would be found and in what condition they were, when they began to dig up the existing infrastructure in the area. You must also pass with the infrastructure in very narrow passages both above and below ground. Challenges in some passages had to be solved as the ground work started.
- Nymölla Mill is dependent on competent suppliers for these types of work. Uponor Infra Projektservice and PEAB Anläggning are collaborating on this project. We are very pleased that the contractors are collaborating and finding the best solutions and that we can rely on Uponor Infra's extensive experience and expertise of similar projects, which means that we can concentrate on our core business, says Ingemar Persson, project manager for new constructions at Nymölla Mill .
Sustainable, safe and flexible piping systems for the fuel supply of the future
In 2008, discussions started about a biogas plant in the Nymölla area. The plan was then that the plant would be operated under the auspices of Nymölla Mill, but they made a "retake" in the discussions and therefore contacted Gasum for production and sale of biogas. Nymölla Bruk's part of the project was to supply the biogas plant with wastewater with the right temperature for the production of biogas and for Gasum to operate and own the plant. Nymölla Mill will make an energy saving because the wastewater is already partially treated in the biogas plant when it reaches the mill's own treatment basins. In this case, it will be a smart and environmentally friendly solution.
- The project also feels right in time, say Ingemar and Henric. The need for imported fossil fuel is reduced. What the biogas plant will produce corresponds to 8.6 million liters of petrol / year, which in turn corresponds to 200 trucks' annual consumption of fuel, say Henric and Ingemar.
With sustainable, safe and flexible piping systems, Uponor Infra contributes to the fuel supply of the future. The work with the biogas plant and infrastructure at the mill will be completed in 2021 and Uponor Infra's part of the project consists of deliveries of products, drawings, dimensioning, field service and test printing of 5 km of pipelines.

Project information

Project information

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