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Strong, Safe and Flexible,

Strong, Safe and Flexible

Skaraborgsvatten in the south of Sweden has replaced its old intake pipeline made of wood with a new one made of Polyethylene. The new system was not only easy and fast to install - it is also impact resistant and capable of withstanding high levels of mechanial stress.
Skaraborgsvatten, which this year is celebrating its 60th anniversary, is jointly owned by the cities of Skövde, Falköping and Skara, in southern Sweden. Combined, they supply water to a local population of approximately 100,000 people. Their cooperative retrieves raw water from Lake Vättern, which is then pumped through a 10 km long pipeline to supply clean potable water to surrounding municipalities. Every day, close to 24,000 cubic of drinking water is supplied.

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A complete, easy-to-install solution

The old intake pipeline to take water from Lake Vättern was made of wood. Its age and the fact that it had started to leak meant that it had to be replaced. However, in order to supply Skaraborgsvatten with premium quality cold water, the new intake pipeline had to be installed a a greater depth, further out into the lake. For this purpose, Skaraborgsvatten decided to contact Uponor Infra. Uponor Infra Project Services was able to provide a turnkey solution.

Uponor´s solution consisted of a solid wall pipeline made of polyethylene. This type of pipeline can take local settlements, and is long-lasting, easy to install, impact resistant, and capable of withstanding high levels of mechanical stress. The scope of Project Services included detailed calculations, material supply, welding of pipeline and assembly of concrete collars as well as dredging, submersion, backfilling, pressure testing and commissioning of the new intake pipeline with related components. 

Easy installation of the pipeline was an important factor, since varying weather conditions are often a challenge for marine projects. In this case, the changeable weather conditions on Lake Vättern, Sweden´s second largest lake, were something of which Skaraborgsvatten was quite aware.

Material deliveries, all of which were finalized 2019, consisted of 1550 metres of pressure water supply pipes with a dimension of DN 1100 and pressure rating of SDR17, and 430 concrete collars specially designed for this project and installation circumstances.

Strong, Safe and Flexible

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