Underfloor heating and cooling

Fix wet installation

Uponor fix wet underfloor heating installation - ideal for new residential and light commercial buildings

Fix is a clamp track system with perfectly tuned system components. Installation is possible on top of any flooring thermal and impact noise insulation. The clamp tracks can be fixed by tape or integrated pint to enable easy installation of the pipes.

“Easy and flexible system components for all types of screeds.”

Application areas:

  • Radiant underfloor heating and cooling
  • Radiant wall and ceiling heating and cooling
  • Wet installation
  • Ideal for new residential and multi family homes
  • For use with cement- and anhydrite based screed


Uponor online catalogue


  • Clamp tracks for pipe fixation
  • Include your local pipe types only:
  • Uponor Comfort Pipe 9.9x1.1mm, 12x1.7 mm, 20x2.0 mm
  • Uponor Comfort Pipe PLUS 14x2.0 mm, 16x2.0 mm, 17x2.0 mm, 20x2.0 mm
  • Complete accessories portfolio

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  • Tracks are attached to insulation of existing flooring
  • Low construction height of 15 mm with Fix for 12 mm pipes
  • Easy and flexible one-man installation
  • Cost-efficient


How to install Fix

See how easy it is to install Fix wet installation system

  1. Lay PE-foil on top of existing insulation
  2. Fix the clamp tracks by tape or integrated pins on the floor
  3. Fix pipes onto the clamp tracks
  4. Ready


Construction types

Fix on top of insulation and in concrete layer

Installation from bottom to top:

  1. Concrete floor
  2. Insulation based on local regulations
  3. PE-foil
  4. Clamp track
  5. Uponor Comfort pipe PLUS 17 x 2.0 mm or 20 x 2.0 mm, distance normally to be 300 mm for dim. 20mm and 200 mm for dim. 17 mm
  6. Steel reinforcement
  7. Levelling screed
  8. Sealing layer in bathrooms etc.
  9. Finishing layer such as tiles, marble or others

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Uponor PE-Xa pipes and fittings

Installation manual

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