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Tecto wet construction system

Uponor Tecto - the perfect temperature at all seasons

The Uponor Tecto wet construction system is an underfloor heating and cooling system that can be used in single-family houses through to large-scale commercial objects. The Tecto systems even heat distribution over large areas ensures pleasant room temperatures. It can also be used both to heat in winter and to cool in summer. The system combines comfort, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Application areas:

  • Radiant underfloor heating and cooling
  • Wet installation
  • Residential and commercial application
  • For use with cement and anhydrite based screeds


  • Tecto nub panel underfloor heating system
  • Consists of nub panels for fixation of pipe dimensions 14-17mm
  • Pipe spacing in cm: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30

Benefits of the Uponor Tecto underfloor heating system

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Uponor Tecto

Uponor Tecto

Technical information

Uponor Tecto

Uponor Tecto


Uponor Tecto Nub panel

Uponor Tecto Nub panel

Quick Guide for nub panel ND 11 with thermal insulation

PDF 194 KB
Uponor Tecto Nub panel

Uponor Tecto Nub panel

Quick guide for nub panel ND 30-2 with thermal and footstep sound insulation

PDF 249 KB
Uponor Tecto

Uponor Tecto

Installation manual


Select Uponor underfloor heating and cooling wet installation system to suit your individual requirements

Underfloor heating systems in residential and commercial buildings which mainly require heating are often the first choice. And since the requirements for the design and function of an underfloor heating can differ very much, Uponor offers tailor-made solutions not only for new buildings, but also for renovation. To increase comfort, these systems can also be used to cool rooms.

Classic wet installation

  • Free insulating material selection for a wide range of applications
  • Norm-compliant vertical and horizontal pipe position allows even screed covering

Klett wet installation

  • Rapid laying without special tools
  • Reliable through long-year tried-and-tested Uponor quality

Minitec wet installation

  • Direct laying possible on the existing top flooring, ideal for renovation
  • Efficient usage of regenerative energies also in old buildings

Tacker wet installation

  • Broad usage – from single-family houses through to large-scale commercial objects
  • Norm-compliant vertical and horizontal pipe position allows even screed covering

Nubos wet installation

  • Only few optimally harmonised components
  • Nub panels for norm-compliant fixation of the pipes

Siccus dry installation

  • Light and easy-to-work dry construction for floor and wall installation
  • No additional moisture permeation into the building through dry construction


  • Suitable for many "on joist" floor constructions
  • Low static weight and low floor construction


  • Sound reduction included
  • Suitable for both wooden and concrete floors

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