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Magnum Business center, Kaunas, Lithuania

Magnum Business Center

Magnum is a unique business center that provides different areas for work and rest:
  •  1,700 work spaces for different businesses to meet new people, find potential clients, and work with business partners.
  •  Concerence halls that are rearrangeable to meet the needs of people using them for various activities and trainings. A dedicated area nearby provides participants with a place to have lunch, grab a coffee, or just chat.
  •  Restaurants and Cafés - convenient places to meet business partners or relax with colleagues after work.
  • Open terraces with benches and plants for short breaks during work.
  • A street-level and an underground car parkings.
  • Cyclists can enjoy an 80-space bicycle parking area with showers and changing rooms.

This modern office building is now a new home to many businesses and of course, visitors.
The façade combines unique and individually designed concrete slabs and large windows, while the interior uses natural wood panels and concrete.

The business centre merges organically into the landscape of the banks of the Nemunas, beautifully blending with its natural surroundings.


Kaunas, Lithuania
Офисные здания
Площадь: 32 000 square meters
Поверхностное отопление и охлаждение Uponor, Отопление и охлаждение
завершение: 2020
Количество этажей: Two connected towers: A tower - 12 and B tower - 8 stories tall

Участие Uponor

Design service

Technical Information

Benefits of the system-(s):
  • Cooling and heating of the building
  • Excellent microclimate
  • Energy saving and efficiency

Building area is 20.830 m2

Main data of the system installed:
  • 20mm Comfort plus pipe, spacing 150mm

Floor construction:

  • Covering 10mm 0,07W/mK
  • Raised floor 28mm 0,19W/mK
  • Air 162mm 0,025W/mK
  • Slab concrete 250mm 2,15W/mK
  • Heating (room 20°C)
  • Supply / return temperature 30°C-27°C
  • Capacity above 10,5 W/m2
  • Capacity below 36,7 W/m2
  • SUM 47,2 W/m2
  • Cooling (room 24°C)
  • Supply / return temperature 18°C-20 °C
  • Capacity above 5,3 W/m2
  • Capacity below 32,4 W/m2
  • SUM 37,7 W/m2

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Информация о проекте

Информация о проекте

Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 38
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Comfort Air



Подобные проекты

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Gazoil Plaza

"Газойл Плаза" расположена на юго-западе Москвы в непосредственной близости от штаб - квартир ОАО "Газпром" и ЗАО "Газпромбанк".
Day-care centre to be built with energy piles

Day-care centre to be built with energy piles

As requested by the City of Vantaa, the Vaaralanpuisto day-care centre has been planned based on the "nearly 0 energy days" concept. Construction work for the day-care centre began in late summer 2016, and the project will be completed in July 2017. Project costs are estimated at EUR 5.4 million, and the day-care centre will accommodate about 130 children. Among the various energy production options available for the site, the City of Vantaa chose the energy pile and solar thermal collector system jointly developed by Uponor and Ruukki.
Brain Box Berlin

Brain Box Berlin

Thermal concrete core activation with Uponor Contec provides economical, energy-efficient and sustainable building temperature control in the new landmark Adlershof Science and Technology Centre.


First Uponor Comfort Panel project in Hungary

First Uponor Comfort Panel project in Hungary

An office building, where proper comfort is provided for doing your job The commercial buildings provide more or less limited space as the workplace for people. Therefore cooling the air is an important factor in maintaining their comfort during their stay. In order to keep the daily work undisturbed, the system used should be installed easily, should be efficient economically, and should be hygienic.
Immeuble Delta Green

Immeuble Delta Green

La dalle active Uponor est intégrée depuis 2017 dans l’immeuble Delta Green, bâtiment tertiaire de 4600m2 comprenant 4 niveaux. Celui-ci est le premier bâtiment de la région tout à fait autonome en énergie.

Agder fengsel in Norway

Agder fengsel in Norway

Statsbygg har fått i oppdrag av Justisdepartementet å bygge nytt fengsel i Agder, med avdelinger i Mandal og på Froland. Uponor fikk i oppdrag med å levere gulvvarme til begge fengslene, ca 100 000 meter med rør. Det er lagt gulvvarme i alle  rom på begge prosjektene. Uponor har også levert tappevann; Mandal fengsel med nye PPM fordelere, Froland fengsel messingfordelere. Uponor har også levert noe Ecoflex rør til prosjektene.
The New Deichmanske Library - Bjørvika, Oslo

The New Deichmanske Library - Bjørvika, Oslo

Deichman is equipped with Thermally Active Building System - a system for storing the energy in the concrete ceiling. It is primarily a cooling system, but it can also be used as a heating system. When in cooling mode, no energy is used as the heat is drawn into the concrete, only when it is transferred from the concrete and into the water pipes that are cast in the decking. The need for installed power is reduced, and operating expenses are significantly reduced as opposed to in a air-based cooling system. The TABS is cast into the Prefab elements, which is a BubbleDeck construction with spans up to 10.5 meters.
Sunesis school scheme: Sacred Heart Primary School, West Midlands

Sunesis school scheme: Sacred Heart Primary School, West Midlands

Uponor were nominated as the sole supplier for radiant heating systems for the Sunesis Schools schemes, with Main Contractor Willmott Dixon. Sunesis is a Joint Venture between Scape and Willmott Dixon, built on the combined experience of public sector know-how and private expertise. They are the market leader in delivering pre-designed buildings across a range of market sectors. Every design has a defined layout, specification, fixed cost and timescale to construct. The full benefits of a full BIM model are also utilised.



The RIVERGATE office building in Vienna, Austria, was certified as a Green Building by the EU andrelies on the efficient Contec ON concrete surface activation.
Berger Logistik

Berger Logistik

Berger Logistik transports goods by land, sea and air around the globe. The company was founded in 1961 by Johann Berger and is based in Wörgl, in the Tyrol region of Austria. 
Institut les Mines Telecoms Saclay

Institut les Mines Telecoms Saclay

Le bâtiment d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche pour l’Institut Mines-Télécom intègre un système de dalle active sur une surface de 40 000 m2. Le bâtiment économe en énergie accueillera une gamme variée d’activités propres à l’Institut Mines - Télécom : formations, recherches, transfert et innovation.

Poslovni centar Adris grupe

Poslovni centar Adris grupe

Arhitektonski projekt poslovnog centra Adris u Jagićevoj ulici 33. u Zagrebu, spoj je klasičnog i modernog. Gradnja poslovnog centra započeta je 2011., a završena 2015. kada se u nju smještaju zaposlenici Adris grupe i Croatia osiguranja. 
City Hall

City Hall

The challenge began in 2021 when the building was completely redesigned to cut energy waste. Uponor EcoMate was installed to gain actionable insights into heating, cooling and power usage and improve the Town Hall's energy consumption and carbon footprint.