Представництво Uponor в Україні
просп. Миру, б.15, оф.405
м. Київ, Україна
Досвід застосування

Ilmalanlinna, Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

The underfloor heating solution designed for the renovation of detached houses can also be adapted to a new, ultra-modern office building

Коротко про проєкт

Helsinki, Finland
Офісні будівлі
Поверхневе опалення/охолодження
Рік завершення будівництва: 2023

Вклад Uponor

Underfloor heating with Uponor Siccus 12 underfloor heating plates

The underfloor heating solution designed for the renovation of detached houses can also be adapted to a new, ultra-modern office building

Due to the interest rates of the floor structures, underfloor heating at Uponor's new head office required a solution that would raise the floor surface as little as possible. A functional result was achieved with an unusual implementation, low-structure underfloor heating plates, which are mainly used in renovations of detached houses, and which increase the floor height by only 15 millimetres.

In early May, Uponor's head office moved from Äyritie in Vantaa to Ilmala in Helsinki, on the edge of the new Ilmalantori square in Ilmalanlinna, which was completed in early 2023.

The ultra-modern office building has been designed based on ecology, responsibility and employee well-being, and both LEED Gold environmental certification and WELL Platinum Core certification, which emphasises the health and well-being of property users, have been applied for. For example, Ilmalanlinna has been designed with its own New Normal concept, the idea of which is to improve the hygiene of the premises with carefully selected materials and functional solutions.

Ecology has been at the core of both building services and service design. The building is energy class A, and all energy sources used – solar panels, geothermal heat, district heating and district cooling – are renewable. Attention has also been paid to low emissions and recyclability in material and furniture solutions.
The total floor area of the six-storey office building is just over 12,000 square metres. In addition to office space, the tenants have access to plenty of common space, various meeting and working spaces, as well as a yoga hall and a bright light centre, among other things.
Quick installation saves time and costs

The building is heated and cooled by an energy-efficient radiant panel system that circulates heat and cooling energy inside the house.
Radiant panels have also been installed at Uponor's head office on the fourth floor, but some of the premises were heated with water-circulating underfloor heating. However, due to the height of the premises, conventional solutions were not suitable: a structure was needed that would raise the floor surface as little as possible.
"Since the floor was cast at a certain height, the 17-millimetre pipes most commonly used in new construction would have raised the floor surface too high. We decided to try a slightly more exceptional solution and implement underfloor heating with thin Uponor Siccus 12 renovation panels, especially those used in renovations of detached houses," says Site Manager Miika Sipiläinen from Uponor

Uponor Siccus 12 panels are particularly suitable for renovation projects where the floor height should increase as little as possible. The pipes used in the panels are 12 millimetres, and the height of the floor structure is increased by only 15 millimetres.

The floating, dry structure solution is very quick to install, as there are few work phases and there is no need for concrete castings or pump screeds, for example. The heat release boards are pre-glued to the insulation board, and floor materials over 15 millimetres thick, such as parquet, can be installed directly on top of the board. A thinner surface material needs, for example, floor drywall.

"In renovation projects, the work is made much easier when the floors do not necessarily need to be torn open all the way to the foundation, but the underfloor heating plates can be installed directly on top of the old floor. A thin renovation board mounted on top of the floor covering also reacts to desired temperature changes faster than thicker solutions," says Saija Nieminen, Product Group Manager at Uponor.
An excellent solution even for a large project
"Of course, when installing plates, you have to think carefully about the routes of the supply pipes, but otherwise installation is easy and quick – the pipes are simply pressed into the prepared grooves of the plates. Although casting is not needed on top of the plates in principle, it can of course be done. Also in Ilmalanlinna, thin concrete casting was placed on top of the panels," Miika Sipiläinen says. 

According to Sipiläinen, after a little practice, the installation work went smoothly and effortlessly.
– A similar solution had not previously been implemented on this scale, so now we have good experience that such a solution can also work excellently in larger sites.

Saija Nieminen says that a new renovation solution with a diameter of only 9.9 millimetres will be launched on the market this year. The novelty is a ready-to-install product designed especially for renovations of detached houses.

Project information
Country: Finland
Location: Helsinki
Graduation: 2023
Project type: New building
Building type: Office building
Uponor Division: BLD
Installed Uponor systems: Underfloor heating with Uponor Siccus 12 underfloor heating plates
Involved in collaboration
Developer: Koy Ilmalanrinne
Pju contractor: Consti Renovation
Chief designer: Parviainen Architects
Construction consultant: Sweco PM
Structural Designer: Sweco Rakennetekniikka
HVAC contractor: Are Oy
Automation contractor: Consti Talotekniikka

Інформація про проєкт

Інформація про проєкт

Рік завершення будівництва
Тип будівлі
Офісні будівлі
Продуктові лінійки
Siccus 12



Rakennuttaja: Koy Ilmalanrinne

Pju-urakoitsija: Consti Korjausrakentaminen

Pääsuunnittelija: Parviainen Arkkitehdit

Rakennuttajakonsultti: Sweco PM

Rakennesuunnittelija: Sweco Rakennetekniikka

LVIS-urakoitsija: Are Oy

Automaatiourakoitsija: Consti Talotekniikka

Подібні проєкти

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As requested by the City of Vantaa, the Vaaralanpuisto day-care centre has been planned based on the "nearly 0 energy days" concept. Construction work for the day-care centre began in late summer 2016, and the project will be completed in July 2017. Project costs are estimated at EUR 5.4 million, and the day-care centre will accommodate about 130 children. Among the various energy production options available for the site, the City of Vantaa chose the energy pile and solar thermal collector system jointly developed by Uponor and Ruukki.
First Uponor Comfort Panel project in Hungary

First Uponor Comfort Panel project in Hungary

An office building, where proper comfort is provided for doing your job The commercial buildings provide more or less limited space as the workplace for people. Therefore cooling the air is an important factor in maintaining their comfort during their stay. In order to keep the daily work undisturbed, the system used should be installed easily, should be efficient economically, and should be hygienic.
Agder fengsel in Norway

Agder fengsel in Norway

Statsbygg har fått i oppdrag av Justisdepartementet å bygge nytt fengsel i Agder, med avdelinger i Mandal og på Froland. Uponor fikk i oppdrag med å levere gulvvarme til begge fengslene, ca 100 000 meter med rør. Det er lagt gulvvarme i alle  rom på begge prosjektene. Uponor har også levert tappevann; Mandal fengsel med nye PPM fordelere, Froland fengsel messingfordelere. Uponor har også levert noe Ecoflex rør til prosjektene.
The New Deichmanske Library - Bjørvika, Oslo

The New Deichmanske Library - Bjørvika, Oslo

Deichman is equipped with Thermally Active Building System - a system for storing the energy in the concrete ceiling. It is primarily a cooling system, but it can also be used as a heating system. When in cooling mode, no energy is used as the heat is drawn into the concrete, only when it is transferred from the concrete and into the water pipes that are cast in the decking. The need for installed power is reduced, and operating expenses are significantly reduced as opposed to in a air-based cooling system. The TABS is cast into the Prefab elements, which is a BubbleDeck construction with spans up to 10.5 meters.
Sunesis school scheme: Sacred Heart Primary School, West Midlands

Sunesis school scheme: Sacred Heart Primary School, West Midlands

Uponor were nominated as the sole supplier for radiant heating systems for the Sunesis Schools schemes, with Main Contractor Willmott Dixon. Sunesis is a Joint Venture between Scape and Willmott Dixon, built on the combined experience of public sector know-how and private expertise. They are the market leader in delivering pre-designed buildings across a range of market sectors. Every design has a defined layout, specification, fixed cost and timescale to construct. The full benefits of a full BIM model are also utilised.

New office in Västerås with a focus on modern and environmentally friendly solutions

New office in Västerås with a focus on modern and environmentally friendly solutions

The plumbing company Mälardalens Rör in Västerås moved from their premises that they had been in since the end of the 80s. In November 2021, the first test trench was taken and at the turn of the year 2022/2023 they moved into the new office on a plot of land they have owned for a long time. We visited and spoke with the owners Robert Lind and Veronica Lange to hear more about the project.
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City Hall

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The challenge began in 2021 when the building was completely redesigned to cut energy waste. Uponor Ecomate was installed to gain actionable insights into heating, cooling and power usage and improve the Town Hall's energy consumption and carbon footprint.
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Magnum Business center

MAGNUM – a brand new business centre. One of the largest in Kaunas city in Lithuania.

MAGNUM aims to introduce positive change, an innovative work culture, and a responsible attitude to the environment. It will inspire these aims not only in its residents, but in the city of Kaunas itself — a city that is rapidly growing and changing.

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Edificio de oficias en calle Tutor

The building located at Calle Tutor 16 (Madrid), owned by Arquia Inmuebles, has undergone a complete renovation and modernization, being partially demolished with the façade stabilized. A project designed by Tuñón y Albornoz Arquitectos and executed by SANJOSE Constructora, where the integration of Uponor's Invisible Air Conditioning in the Matrics raised technical floor developed by company Subway Systems.