Spectacular living in a luxury townhouse, Västerås, Sweden

Spectacular living in a luxury townhouse

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Västerås, Sweden
Еднофамилно жилище
Лъчисто отопление и охлаждане
Завършване: 2008

Участие на Uponor

In central Västerås,
Sweden, an old university building has been transformed into luxury apartments
and townhouses equipped with Uponor underfloor heating and tap water systems.

In 2008 the former Mälardalen University building located
in a prestigeous location in central Västerås was transformed into luxury
apartments and towhouses. Now the building contains 50 condominiums and 12
so-called townhouse duplexes located at the top of the building. The townhouses
include a spacious terrace with magnificient views over the city, some even the
lake Mälaren.

”The house is solidly built and the floorplans and
materials have been made with great care, being able to handle the loads
originating also from residences, thus changing the building into residences was
plausible,” comments Thomas Hollaus,
construction manager at Aros Housing, which owns the building.

The twelve luxuryous townhouses are equipped with
Uponor’s hydronic underfloor heating. The complete system includes room controls
for optimal indoor clmiate. The floor heating is installed in 22 mm underfloor
heating chipboards, aluminum plates and 17 mm pipe. This results in pleasant
indoor climate, wherever the people are located.

All the townhouses have also been installed with Uponor
tap water system, which a secure, fast and easy to install. The Uponor system
makes sure that clean and used water is transported in a safe and reliable

The instalaltioins were done by VVS-Rör AB in Västerås,
whose whole staff has undergone training at the Uponor Academy. Uponor’s
technical support did the underfloor drawings and calculations based on the
data from VVS-Rör.

”The end result is great, with minimula risk of leakage
and maximum safety against water damage, Uponor systems used all the way,” adds
Thomas Skärfstad from VVS-Rör

The residences have a comfortable indoor lcimate with
underfloor heating and seamless, safe tap water with concealed pipes. 

Spectacular living in a luxury townhouse

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Информация за проекта

Информация за проекта

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Еднофамилно жилище





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