Uponor Klett and Uponor Smatrix in the most sustainable promotion of Las Rozas, Las Rozas (Madrid), Spain

Residencial Escalonia I, II and III. Las Rozas (Madrid), Spain

In 2022, the construction of the last of the 3 developments in Escalonia was completed, in the district of La Marazuela, next to Monte de El Pardo, the largest Mediterranean forest in the Community of Madrid, located in the municipality of Las Rozas. In total, 405 homes with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, in a gated community with common areas designed by the prestigious architecture studio Ortiz Leon

Sustainable and energy efficient homes, which guarantee lower consumption and provide a higher value of the home. In its strategy of taking advantage of natural resources, self-consumption and sustainable mobility, the objective has been to offer its residents savings in energy consumption of more than 40% and 30% in water consumption.

Факти за проекта:

Las Rozas (Madrid), Spain
Многоетажна сграда
подово пространство: 34.880 m2
Лъчисто отопление и охлаждане, Система за управление, Гъвкави тръбни системи, Ground Energy, Flexible Plumbing Systems, Radiant Heating & Cooling, PEX Plumbing
Завършване: 2022
Брой етажи: 405

Участие на Uponor

Escalonia I: 60 homes 5,050 m² Uponor Klett regulation and control Uponor Smatrix
Escalonia II: 151 homes 12,190 m² Uponor Klett regulation and control Uponor Smatrix Pulse and geothermal
Escalonia III: 194 homes 17,640 m² Uponor Klett regulation and control Uponor Smatrix Pulse and geothermal
DHW distribution
Underfloor heating (hot and cold)Uponor Klett, regulation and control Uponor Smatrix, Geothermal and DHW distribution.

An AEDAS Homes project

AEDAS Homes is a real estate developer specialized in new residential construction of sustainable and quality homes in high-demand locations. Since 2016 they have been designing spaces that maximize the well-being of residents, offering high-quality sustainable houses with a high technological component. 

To maximize the comfort of the tenants of Escalonia, AEDAS Homes has chosen Uponor's Invisible Air Conditioning through Uponor Klett, underfloor heating and cooling system, a particularly versatile, innovative and efficient solution. In total, 34,880 m2 of Uponor Klett with regulation and control Uponor Smatrix, the easy temperature control system, and in the case of phase II and III it has been incorporated Uponor Smatrix Pulse compatible with smart home devices, through voice, to control and configure the radiant air conditioning system. In addition, in these same phases, the Uponor geothermal solution has also been integrated, and the three developments have Uponor systems for the supply of domestic hot water (DHW).

AEDAS Homes maintains a strong commitment to sustainability, industrialization and homes with a high standard of health and comfort, Raimundo Giménez, Territorial Delegate AEDAS Homes Center, states that these concepts "They are a relevant factor in all sectors, but much more so in ours. We come from a very traditional sector in which very polluting and expensive processes were used. For us, industrialization is vital for the future of construction, which is why we have been promoting it since 2018 to solve two great needs: Reduce construction times and increase sustainability in housing. We have realized that not only have the new economic models forced us to modify the model of urban development and housing, but also that society has changed in its needs and demands in terms of housing and amenities" 

For this purpose, "Uponor is one of our main suppliers of Invisible Air Conditioning. And it is actively involved, both in the project design phase and on site", says Raimundo Giménez. "The search for maximum efficiency in the installation" was the factor that led them to choose the solutions Klett Smatrix, and the reaction of the owners of phases I and II on these systems and in general on the comfort of their homes "has been positive both at the comfort level and at the connectivity level", concludes.

Towards a new standard of comfort with AEDAS Homes

Raimundo Giménez comments that "Some time ago we detected that homes needed to offer more quality and comfort to their owners, which is why we established a series of architectural commandments with which we work in all our promotions", What are they: 

  • Rational and consistent distribution of spaces to facilitate daily use

  • Use of quality construction materials and systems 

  • Households with optimal thermal-acoustic conditions for maximum comfort at home

  • Flexibility in the construction of some homes to make them unique

  • Fostering integration to remove architectural barriers

  • Optimization of natural materials for sustainable construction 

  • Efficient use of energy

  • Technological innovation 

  • Perfect integration in the geographical and urban environment in which the house is located

  • Excellent interior and exterior qualities with a very careful design

First promotion with underfloor heating with voice assistant

AEDAS Homes became 2018 in the first developer in Spain to offer the first underfloor heating and cooling controlled by voice. "It was precisely in Escalonia I with the aim of uniting technology and user experience to provide our promotions with maximum comfort. Technology and innovation is essential in any field, but in the building process it has been gaining weight in recent years. In addition, it should be noted that it is a key element on the road to the industrialization and sustainability of housing", comment Raimundo Giménez.

A promotion that also became a teaching center

ADEDAS Homes developed its Sustainability Classroom within the Escalonia project with the aim of showing and teaching the characteristics that make a residential development a benchmark in technological advances, where energy use and savings in housing are promoted, among others. In this space, for example, they taught how to read an energy label and explained what systems such as double-flow ventilation, geothermal, aerothermal or underfloor heating and cooling consist of.

The phenomenon of industrialization of the building sector

In AEDAS Homes they have the commitment to implement total or partial industrialization in 25% of the homes from 2023. "This is one of the objectives that we have and have acquired in our 2021/2023 Strategic Plan. For this reason, we want to become a 100% sustainable promoter and be the pioneers in the sector. We want to contribute to the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) being really the paradigm to follow", concludes Raimundo Giménez.

" Uponor is one of our main suppliers of Invisible Air Conditioning. And it is actively involved, both in the project design phase and on site. The search for maximum efficiency in the installation was the factor that led us to choose the solutionsKlett YSmatrix " Raimundo Giménez, Territorial Delegate AEDAS Homes Center

Информация за проекта

Информация за проекта

The Marazuela, Las Rozas (Madrid)
Тип на проекта
Нова сграда
Тип сграда
Многоетажна сграда
Продуктови линии
Uponor Smatrix Wave Pulse, Uponor Smatrix Base Pulse, Aqua Pipe, Klett, Smatrix


Architects Ortiz León architecture studio
Engineering Engineering Valladares
Promoter AEDAS Homes

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