Underfloor heating and cooling

Uponor Comfort Air

Reach the next level of comfort with Uponor Comfort Air

Uponor Comfort Air combines the advantages of radiant heating/cooling and the ventilation of living spaces. The panel heating system with its integrated ventilation ducts is simply connected to the controlled living space ventilation system using plug-in technology. Whether it is being used in summer or winter – it always provides the best/ideal comfort temperature control.
uponor comfort air ventilation and underfloor heating
  • Combined heating and ventilation system with significantly increased comfort using draught-free and silent heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Energy saving due to reduced supply temperature during heating
  • Easy to clean and fulfils the highest hygiene requirements
  • Matching systems technology to avoid interface problems on the construction site
  • Safe to operate and corrosion-free thanks to the all-plastic pipe system

At a glance...

This is how Uponor Comfort Air works. The combination of a radiant heating and cooling system with a controlled living space ventilation system

Comfortable temperature control for the highest demands

Noticeable higher warmth due to comfort temperature control

  • Increased warmth (supply air is already at room temperature, draught-free and silent)
  • Quicker reaction time than with radiant heating alone
  • To immediately reach comfort temperature level
  • Safety: an all-plastic pipe system in the ground

Whether it is being used in summer or winter

  • When the system is used for heating, the supply air in the Comfort Air elements is preheated to room temperature. 
  • When cooling is required, the elements allow the draught-free entry of the cooled supply air into the room, in particular in combination with underfloor cooling.

Installation with the tried and tested Uponor Klett System

  • Radiant heating temperature control with Uponor Klett also available for self-installation - no special tools required.
  • Ventilation plate adaption to the Pluggit–plug-in system (Plug & Play)

Micro-interlocking for maximum retention force

  • MLCP RED or Pe-Xa
  • Tried-and-tested quality
  • No damage to the insulating layer cover
Build on Uponor with Comfort Air

Build on Uponor with Comfort Air

Combination of radiant heating and cooling with controlled ventilation of living spaces

Build on Uponor with the Klett DNA

Build on Uponor with the Klett DNA

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Build on comfort with Uponor heating and cooling systems

Build on comfort with Uponor heating and cooling systems

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