Uponor soil drainage system Ultra Rib 2 in Kungälv,

Uponor soil drainage system Ultra Rib 2 in Kungälv

The coast zone will have municipally water and sewer

Kungälv, Sweden
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Old worn and sometimes perhaps environmental and insanitary separate drainage against the coast in Kungälv’s municipality can at last connect against municipal water and drainage. With new pipes and pump stations on the distance Kärna-Ytterby, clean water and effective drainage reach far away in the municipality. A big project which will continue along the coast zone!


For at least 20 years the drainage handling has caused problems in Kärna in Kungälv’s municipality. The number of defective separate drainages has just increased at the same as the decision-makers have not been able to agree on a solution. Should you pull down the old purifying plant and build a new one or concentrate on transfer pipes and connect with Kärna with the central place and with the regional purifying plant? Now at last the decision has been made and since March 2009 the work with connecting Kärna’s drainage with Ryaverket in Gothenburg is ongoing. The project which is a part to get a functioned water and drainage system along the coast zone is ordered by Kungälv’s municipality. The projecting was made by No Consult while the municipality has hold of all the building management. The contractor is Svevia and a big part of the material comes from Uponor.


It is the municipality Kärna which will be connected with the regional purifying plant, Ryaverket in Gothenburg. The way there goes over Ytterby, under the river and over Hisingen. The direction includes three pumping-stations – Kärna, Staby and Vena – and self-fall systems where the geography so allows. All the pumping stations along with the system are new and the one in Kärna replaces the old purifying plant. The province where the new pipes are drawn consists of mainly meadow lands but also houses. In order to save costs and minimize noise, seven km has been installed by steer drilling. The method was not planned from the beginning but to save arable land, be able to go forward without destroying drainage and not to be able to restore as much after themselves, they changed from digging to drilling. So in spite of the fact that any traffic disturbances had been needed to be handled, so this is a project which has run smoothly even if the extent has been increased over the time.

“This is one of the biggest, perhaps the very biggest water and drainage project we have had here in the municipality”

“Much has arrived during the course of the job when more deposits for connecting houses have been needed to make”, Jens Östergård on Svevia says. A development which is positive when the need of modern drainage is urgent in many holds. It is good news that the interest to modernize is big. Uponor’s pipes, inspection wells and pumping-stations have been used frequently in the project. E.g. self-fall systems are a unique product from Uponor. The import things are that the supplier can manage to deliver the correct sizes and can live up to the quality demands according to Gillis Olsson on Kungälv’s municipality.


“This is one of the biggest, perhaps the biggest water and drainage project we have had here in the municipality”, Gillis Olsson on Kungälv’s municipality says. He tells us that the drawing of water and drainage from Ytterby to Kärna only is a part of a bigger entirety. Kärna is far from the end station for the investment. We work with what we call “water and drainage in coast zone” and there Kärna is one stage. If we are there, we can continue along the coast both north, west and south. The chapter to Kärna is calculated to be ready in January 2010. Then many people in Kungälv’s municipality will have access to municipal water and drainage. And with the coast zone in mind there will soon be more.

Uponor soil drainage system Ultra Rib 2 in Kungälv

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