ProFuse installed in Borås Stad,

Better water flow in Frufällan

When the 250 millimeter pipes ProFuse replaces old 150 millimeter pipes in cast iron on a two-kilometer stretch in Frufällan, society will have a significant increase in capacity for the vital water supply. In addition, the new pipes provide fewer coatings and thus less service needs and better hygiene.
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The increase in capacity is made possible by the change from the old 150 millimeter pipes to Uponor's ProFuse pressure pipe system with a diameter of 250 millimeters. In addition to about 500 meters where excavation is required, the new pipes are laid with pipe bursting. You take step by step, pass through threaded rods through the old pipes and attach the new pipe to the other end. Then the new pipe is pulled back and ends up right away without the need for devastating excavation. Pipe bursting is used on the remaining 1.8 kilometers.
"So in addition to the capacity increase with an increased diameter, you now also get a more hygienic pipe."
Pipe bursting is a flexible method when new pipes are to replace existing ones. There will be minor disturbances and ground damage. The risks lie in any intersecting lines and if the pipe does not go deep enough. Cracks or damage can then occur. To minimize the risks, the contractors have good control of all existing pipelines and film both before and after the work.
ProFuse replaces old-fashioned cast iron pipes
Pressure pipes ProFuse replaces old-fashioned cast iron pipes. So, in addition to the capacity increase with an increased diameter, you now also get a more hygienic pipe. Cast iron pipes tend to attract a lot of coatings that risk stopping the flow completely. Such coatings do not occur in a plastic pipe. The new pipes on Skogsrydsvägen can be seen as a first stage.

Frufällan, Sweden
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Certainly, more routes will have new pipes with higher capacity in the future," says Magnus Eriksson, foreman at the Service Office, City of Borås.

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