IQ tanks takes the pressure of public stormwater network, Aarhus, Denmark

IQ tanks takes the pressure of public stormwater network

Uponor IQ tanks provide an effective, safe and long-term solution for stormwater treatment in a new housing complex that is under construction in Aarhus, southern Denmark. Thanks to the IQ tank’s modular construction, the housing complex has several options for recycling stormwater before it is drained into the public network.

In a new development in the heart of Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, a new housing complex is currently under construction. This interesting housing complex features both five-storey residential units and 47 smaller terraced houses.

Based on calculations made during the preconstruction development process, the consultant predicted that handling stormwater from the 47 terraced house roofs during heavy rainfall would pose challenges. Therefore, the consultant chose to install an effective stormwater solution to take the pressure off the public stormwater network.

Below the patio of each house, an Uponor IQ tank is now being installed for stormwater collection. Due to their critical location below the residents’ patios and gardens, Uponor Infra recommended IQ tanks as an easy-to-install, safe, and longer-term solution.

The tanks are connected in series, so when the stormwater well is full and stormwater is led into the IQ tank, the water is conducted to the next tank in the series as they fill up. The IQ tanks will function as water reservoirs, where a water brake ensures that the water is retained and slowly led out into the public network.


Aarhus, Denmark
Färdigställt: 2019

Uponors roll

3,000 mm Ø800 IQ tanks

Sustainable options for future solutions

The 47 stormwater tanks for the terraced housing complex in Aarhus are currently only designed for the collection and retention of stormwater. But thanks to the IQ tank’s modular
construction, the housing complex actually has several options for recycling the stormwater before it is drained into the public network. With a few simple adjustments, the designer
can, for instance, add a filtered pump solution for purification of stormwater, meaning that secondary stormwater can be collected from the tank and used for purposes such as watering gardens and washing cars.

By recycling the stormwater using future solutions, homeowners will be able to save on expenses, while reducing the load on the public stormwater network. In that way,  homeowners can contribute to efficient use of the globe’s shared water resources.





Project: IQ tanks for a stormwater solution
Period of construction: August 2019 – September 2019
Builder: NREP and CASA A/S
Constructor: Brian Eriksen

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